maanantai, 14. lokakuu 2019

Buy Nike Air Force 1 High Flax CJ9178-200

Born in 1982, Air Force 1, is a pair of super old gun shoes. After 37 years of testing, it is still one of the most sought-after shoes. The new version of the wheat Air Force 1 shoe body, Nike Air Force 1 High Flax will be made of Niu Ba leather material, which enhances the wear resistance while also showing a strong texture. At the same time, the setting of the raw rubber outsole also echoes the color matching of the shoe body, and it seems that there is no sense of disobedience. With the same color nylon laces, the tooling style is in place, and the side leather Swoosh Logo further expresses the unique charm of this color, and it must have an excellent foot effect.

New Jordan,The arrival of autumn and winter is bound to make the bubble regain some popularity! Nike knows this truth, usually in the autumn and winter season. Recently, a pair of new color matching girls exclusive Nike Little Posite One is coming soon. The whole pair of shoes is made of cool gray, the upper is made of foamed material, the matte matte effect makes the upper of the shoe full of texture, and the black decoration further highlights the low-key temperament of the whole pair of shoes. The biggest highlight is the lining with a colorful graffiti design, which is extremely bold and full of personality. The heel position is bright yellow. The logo is decorated with eye-catching effect. The carbon plate at the midsole also covers the graffiti lines.

Cheap Jordans 2020,The FPAR is called FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS and is a Japanese street brand founded by WTAPS principal Xishan. The shoes are completely changed on the basis of Nike SB Dunk High. The overall design is black with dark gray, and the upper is made of delicate leather material. The FPAR x Nike SB Dunk High detail tongue is exactly the same as the Air Jordan 6, except that the logo is changed to NIKE SB and FPAR to show the joint status, and the inside of the tongue is also printed with the words “Trust No One”. Swoosh on the side of the shoe is full of fun. It is divided into front and rear parts. The first half is made of Air Jordan 5's iconic shoe mesh material, and the second half is made of leather. It is embossed with English and the outside is “Don't”. Follow me.", the inside is "I'm lost too." The heel logo and the heel of the heel show the joint identity, while the shoe box is made of translucent plastic.

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Buy 414571-030 Air Jordan 13 Island Green

Jordans 2019 Shoes recently exposed three new colors of the new generation Air Force Max 2. They are made of gray, black and white, and the body is made of fabric + thermosetting material. The Nike Air Force Max 2 Grey has a hard-shoe support combined with a vamp strap that divides the Swoosh Logo through the body into three, which is quite a bit of a high-performance shoe. It is worth mentioning that each color matching heel has different designs, some are matte and colorful, and some are colorful ink. They are presented in different body colors and can be very chic.

In fact, there have been a lot of sneakers recently exposed, including one of the much-watched Tiffany Air Jordan 13 Island Green. Black and Tiffany Green are dressed in a classic classic style. The eye-catching design is the crepe leather material covered in the middle of the shoe. The classic style of the first year adds a lot of wild atmosphere. At the heel, the classic “Leopard Eye” design is also changed to a silver Jumpman Logo with 23 lettering, and the playful design is full of personality.

Entering the fall and winter, it is finally the turn of the Yeezy 500 and Yeezy 700 series. This is evident from the release of the new Yeezy product this month. In addition to the inertia Yeezy 700 V2 and the Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision” with an undetermined date, there is also a Yeezy 700 “Teal Blue” that looks great for autumn and winter. A closer look reveals that it was originally because the eye-catching orange laces were not used in the official map. Today's exposure account yeezyseason2 said that adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Teal Blue will be accompanied by two pairs of brown and orange laces, and released the official map with two shoelaces. It can be seen that the brown laces are used, and the style is more uniform with the body of the shoe. Although different shades of color are used, the style is very stable and suitable for autumn and winter. Orange has been the iconic embellishment of the Yeezy 700 series since the first color match. Put on the orange laces, the style is closer to the first color, and the low-key is not lost.

perjantai, 4. lokakuu 2019

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Teal Blue Officially Release this Month

Another pair of Yeezy Boost 700 new color schemes set the release date! Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Teal Blue officially joined the release list this month and will be officially released on October 19th, half a month away from today. Different from the original spy photos, this pair of Teal Blue is a standard grandfather style, unique in color and durable in appearance, easy to wear, and also a special practical tool.

2019 Sneakers Release also have their own way when the community celebrates the 70th anniversary of the motherland! The famous sneaker custom team HZP is inspired by the 65-style military uniform, based on the Nike SB Dunk Low to create the Dunk SB "China 70" custom shoes. Using flip-flops and military canvas materials, a map of China was presented on the upper by laser, followed by embroidery with “China” and “70”. The combination of green and red, plus the red five-star logo on the tongue, is quite familiar.

2019 Yeezy Boost was hard to find a shoe, it is now everywhere. Especially since this year, almost all of the color schemes have turned everyone into "sports and face blindness." Statistics show that the Yeezy series has sold 28 new products so far this year! There are 16 pairs of Yeezy Boost 350 V2, 1 pair of Yeezy 500, 4 pairs of Yeezy Boost 700, 4 pairs of Yeezy Boost 700 V2 and 3 pairs of Yeezy Desert Boot. In terms of market prices, the Yeezy series has recently followed the trend of the entire shoe market and has experienced varying degrees of decline. Now Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has started the season, and now may not be the best time to start; on the contrary, other shoes are more suitable for autumn and winter, you can consider starting to wear.

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Where to buy cheap Nike Air VaporMax Plus?

2019 Sneakers Release knows that the slash warning line and the orange embellishment are all iconic elements of OFF-WHITE. Recently, Nike brought an Air VaporMax Plus with the same design, which attracted attention. The fabric upper is covered with a dark gray warning line pattern. The lining, insole and outsole are all orange, and the overall feel is OFF-WHITE.

In the first two days, Guan Xi’s blue silk CLOT x Nike Air Force 1 on his own Instagram caused a hot discussion on the sneaker circle. But before that, Guan Xi also got a pair of Air Force 1 Low “What The LA”. To be honest, Xiao Bian feels that these shoes are much better than blue silk! “What The” has always been a favorite color theme for sneaker players. This pair of Air Force 1 is the ultimate in color and materials. The toe is made of leather and has a side-to-side fluffy fur fabric for a rich layering. The tongue is made of mesh material.

The role of Bugs Bunny has always been inextricably linked with Jordan. He appeared in the Air Jordan 7 advertisement and co-starred with Jordan in the movie "The Air Dunk" and wore the exclusive Air Jordan 7 Hare in the movie. I believe that many fans are impressed with the Air Jordan 7 on the Bugs Bunny's feet, and have been popular in the sneakers. Since then, the Air Jordan 1's Bugs Bunny color has been re-launched, and the tongue part replaces Jordan's own flying man logo with a rabbit cartoon image, which is full of fun. Recently, the new Bunny series of shoes has been released online. This time, the Air Jordan 6 is designed to reproduce this classic color palette. It is worth mentioning that the "Air Slam Dunk 2" starred by Zhan Huang will also be released next year. The debut of this new color scheme may come along with the film.

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555088-170 Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight is Available Now

Jordans 2019 Shoes new color to be released As the latest , the  Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight is already on the line, and will be officially released on September 26th next Thursday! As a new color scheme, the first class Air Jordan 1 not only uses a subversive punching leather to create a shoe body, but also many elements in the details make the player feel fresh. White with a bright yellow color, the black QR code of the heel has a strong contrast effect, people can not help but pull out the phone scan code! The details are extraordinarily rich, and MJ's autograph is also hidden.

New Jordan not only brings a versatile temperament in black orange dress As the latest new jet-jet product, but also makes a surprise when you look at the texture of the upper texture.Nike Air Foamposite Pro Knicks With calm black as the main color, with a blue outsole, the orange three-dimensional Swoosh is the highlight, gorgeous and not rushing. The foamed upper is not a traditional metal texture, but a leathery texture covered with delicate fine lines. The black collar also has a new experience, bringing a fine vision of the lychee skin, echoing the material of the upper.

2019 Cheap Jordan Among the many non-OG first year color schemes, the Shattered Backboard is a great "up-and-coming star"! The current theme has evolved to version 3.0, and Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" will be officially released on October 26, almost one month away from today. Unlike the previous two versions, after the white buckle and the black buckle, Jordan Brand is innovative and uses a new material to bring a visual refresh. Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 This new product is also known by Chinese players as "Lard Crushed" color because of its more lustrous effect. The leather upper with a combination of black and orange, shiny and finely textured is the protagonist of this time. Although the effect of still life shots is hard to name, the upper foot effect and far-sight effect of these shoes still inherit the fashion temperament of the crushing family, which is eye-catching and handsome!