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Buy Discount New OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 MCA

OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 MCA is one of the recent shoe kings. It is quite difficult to get started. Recently, this quite rare shoe has a more limited special edition, and it is an artist's work. This special edition was created by artist Cassius Hirst and is based on the OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 “MCA” with an X-inspired pattern on the vamp. New red details have been added to the heel, and the laces are also available in blue, black and red lace buckles. The shoe box is also dressed in a sly pattern of perspective, which is extremely cool. The limit is only 20 pairs, each pair of uppers are hand-made, different, and the left foot insole is hand-written.

Among the common sneakers, there are many representative color combinations. The classic orange and blue Knicks are one of them. A Knicks color that was exposed some time ago, the Nike Air Foamposite Pro will be on sale this week. The upper is made of black leather, and the lychee skin of the shoe body has a unique and superior texture. The whole is mainly black, with orange and blue Swoosh embellishment, while the outsole echoes the same blue color as the toe Swoosh, and the contrast effect is very bright.

Previously, we reported John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon, which was created by Los Angeles fashion brand John Elliott. Nike was created for LeBron James. It has been officially released in black and white. Currently, Nike's official website is still available for purchase. However, another pair of extremely stunning Sauvignon color schemes will have to wait a few more days before they will be officially released! The vamp features a translucent flap design with rich stripe details and an embroidered Swoosh Logo on the toe. The soft leather is lining for added comfort and luxury. The Nike LeBron 8 full-length Air Max air cushion runs through the soles of the foot, and the LeBron boots have always been tough and domineering, not only retaining a full sense of sportiness, but also a strong fashion. Whether you are wearing it on the street or playing on the court, you can easily control it.

torstai, 12. syyskuu 2019

2019 Nike Air Max 90 Sertig is Coming Soon

In 2005, Nike Sneakers was inspired by its classic outdoor shoes Nike Zoom Air Terra Sertig to create an Air Max 90 with the same color! Recently, this theme has been brought back to bring 2019 Air Max 90 “Sertig”. The 2019 Nike Air Max 90 Sertig uses the iconic black, orange and yellow tones to create an outdoor eye-catching recognition dress!

Born in 1982, Air Force 1 has been one of the most classic and popular shoes in the sneaker history for 37 years. Nike has always been committed to bringing these classics to the latest designs. Recently, there is a new color matching Nike Air Force 1 Low exposure. The whole pair of shoes is mainly made of smog and blue, and the toe is made of fine leather material, which gives a very outstanding texture. The biggest highlight is that the 3M material is covered around the lace hole and the heel. It is believed that the light can show a very bright effect, with fluorescent green laces and a unique drawstring design, which brings a functional style similar to the ACG series. The insole is also decorated with fluorescent green, and the overall performance is full of anger. The smoky blue midsole with a black outsole completes the design of the entire pair of shoes.

Nike Air Max 95 has always been favored by trend players, retro shoes and rich color schemes, becoming one of the preferred shoes for the street. Recently, a new color matching Air Max 95 is coming soon. New Nike Air Max 95 is decorated in black and khaki, with suede, nubuck and mesh stitching for a rich layering. The eye-catching orange Swoosh Logo is embellished on the side heel for a striking effect. The overall feeling is very calm and suitable for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons.

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Buy Cheap Air Jordan 12 Game Royal 130690-014

Jordans 2019 Shoes have reported black and blue Air Jordan 12 before, is expected to be officially released this month. Along with the release date, a new set of footsteps is released. Air Jordan 12 Game Royal continues Air Jordan 12 iconic contrast color design, classic black and blue two-color modified upper, showing a rich layering, and Jordan's own foot on the sick color matching has the same effect. In detail, the black part is made of soft lychee leather, the blue part is made of suede material, and the lace buckle is decorated with matte black. The texture is quite outstanding. In terms of configuration, the midsole is equipped with a full palm zoom and a luxurious configuration of an oversized carbon plate, and it must still have a good foot feel. The classic high-top design with a highly recognizable black and blue color scheme is perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter season.

2019 Mens Jordans has been extremely popular since its launch, and the new products built around it have also demonstrated outstanding performance qualities. Recently, Nike has once again launched a new running shoe Nike React Sertu with this cushioning technology. The body is made of multi-textured leather stitching, the biggest highlight is the Multi woven setting of the body weave. The outstanding texture and the eye-catching color make it ideal for everyday wear. Details of the forefoot outside the Mini Swoosh with anti-hook settings, the tongue is made of lightweight sci-fi flap material, full of texture.

Cheap Jordans 2020 with the new products of the sneakers are endless, the Air Force 1 is still the first choice for many hipsters. As the temperature cools, more sneaker players will regard wind and warmth as a necessary condition for purchasing new shoes. Recently, the sneaker account US_11 brings two pairs of newly designed Air Force 1 official maps, which definitely gives you the desire to pick up hands. Continuing Air Force 1 High's consistent high-top style, it's clear that these two new colors are designed for the fall and winter seasons. The biggest special feature is that the shoe body is made of nylon material, and the whole pair of shoes is like a jacket. The windproof and warmth effect is bound to be quite outstanding. At the same time, the shoelace system changes its traditional shape and presents it in a more functional way, simplifying the daily wear and tear. Finally, with the rubber outsole finishing, it is worth mentioning that the lining of the shoes is also added with flannel treatment, which is definitely a perfect substitute for snow boots.

perjantai, 30. elokuu 2019

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White Release Next Month

Since the end of 2018, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has been launched for the first time, and nearly 10 new color combinations have been released. The original paint strip is decorated and upgraded to a translucent mesh grid to satisfy both the aesthetic and the wearing comfort. But Kanye West's Yeezy Empire concept is not limited to this, the shape of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 series is still upgrading. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White has been reported many times before, and a new set of real foot shots has been released recently. The biggest difference between these shoes is the staggered upper. It can be clearly seen that the side through the grid has a pattern style similar to the stitching style and completely different from other parts. In addition, these shoes continue the previous no-shoe heel, with the iconic midsole curve, showing a full outline.

The basketball World Cup is about to start this weekend, and many of the FIBA ​​series of shoes led by Air Jordan 12 are on sale. But another heavyweight Air Jordan 4 in this series has not yet been released, and will not be released until next week. Today, the official map finally released the Air Jordan 4 SE FIBA. The lychee skin has a good texture and expression on the body and tongue. The Gym Red fitness red is the main color, and the obsidian color is used as a decorative embellishment. It has Chinese characteristics. The heel is embellished with a gold-plated Jumpman Logo, symbolizing the glory of victory.

Nike and Jordan have been long-term sponsors of American universities, and each year they create a multi-double school team for their schools. Following the North Carolina exclusive Jordan React Havoc UNC, the University of Michigan also has exclusive Jordan React Havoc shoes. The upper uses a lower-key navy blue, and the University of Michigan's iconic M-shape features a yellow design that stands out in the dark upper. The shoe body is designed with a sock-type upper, which is made of delicate texture material, which is well fitted to the foot and soft in texture. The toe cap is protected by a thermosetting layer and the wrap is very compact. The heel design is very special, and the outstanding streamlined structure makes the shoe temperament of the whole shoe sharper. The outsole configuration of these shoes is very luxurious, with the forefoot Zoom, and then the React cushioning technology, can be called the top foot shoes.

lauantai, 24. elokuu 2019

2019 adidas Yung-96 Chasm Will Release Soon

Last year adidas Originals used the Yung Chasm running shoes as the prototype to create the Yung-96 Chasm series, recreating the classic style of the 90s. In the current style of retro style, it has become the best choice for many fashion lovers. This time, there is a new color matching. exposure. The full military style of the shoes is very suitable for autumn and winter wear. The adidas Yung-96 Chasm has a large area covered with suede and mesh material for excellent foot fit and breathability, while giving the entire pair of shoes a superior texture. Adding striking orange lines on both sides of the shoe outlines the contours for a rich layering. In addition, the new color scheme changes the outsole to a jagged shape, echoing the military style theme.

Recently, British fashion brand Maharishi once again joined hands with Nike Sneakers to create a special Air Max 90 joint shoe. Maharishi x Nike Air Max 90 is made of cotton and linen, and the Swoosh Logo is made of wood. The tongue has a co-branded logo, followed by a dark-skinned Nike Air Logo, which is unique and unique.

Tatum, who just joined the Jordans 2019 Shoes family this year, has recently been on the team's locker room. The Air Jordan 12 “Game Royal” has not yet been released. The release of the picture has caused a warm response from the shoe circle. From the appearance, it continues the iconic color-matching method of the Air Jordan 12, with a curved toe-head and a classic black and blue color to modify the upper, showing a distinct layering. In detail, the black part is made of soft lychee leather, the blue part is similar to the suede material, and the lace buckle is complemented by matte black accents. The texture is quite outstanding. The configuration continues to extend the full-length Zoom and the large-area carbon plate throughout the sole, and is still excellent in terms of foot feel and actual performance. At the same time, the classic high-top style is very suitable for the upcoming autumn wear, and also provides a high degree of protection for actual combat.